De-risking Key Project Decisions Through Consultancy Services

Project Information

Company Name: Blue Wind Engineering

Project Name: Wanso-Guemil

Project Type: Consultancy

Products Used: KLOC



The Wando-Guemil Offshore Wind Farm is a 600 MW wind farm project located off the southwest coast of South Korea. It is part of South Korea’s efforts to expand its offshore wind capacity to meet the country’s ambitious renewable energy goals.

The project is being developed by KEON, a South Korean company, with support from Dohwa Engineering and Blue Wind Engineering.

Established to contribute to the country’s growing wind power industry, Blue Wind Engineering offers a comprehensive range of services, including the design and certification of wind power components, and the development of both onshore and offshore wind farms.

The Challenge

Blue Wind Engineering sought to optimize the inter-array cable layout and understand the best position of the Offshore Substation Platform (OSP)


The turbine layout was revised into 2 separate sites, each that would need to feed into the substation. 2 slightly different layouts were modelled, with different number of turbines at different specifications.

Optimisations were ran in KLOC to generate optimised IAC layouts for the new wind farm layout, and to find the most suitable cable types for use in the layout.

This gave Blue Wind Engineering the optimised layout and cable types for the greatest lifetime value.


  • De-risked key decision of OSP location by scaling up scenario modelling
  • Provided a deeper understanding of different cable size options and their cost implications
  • Maximized lifetime value of wind farm
  • Utilised Kinewell’s state-of-the-art inter-array cable optimization software, KLOC, without the burden of overhead license costs.
  • Accessed specialised knowledge of the Kinewell team, allowing Blue Water engineers to focus their efforts on other priorities.



Support pledge for cable optimisation specialists Kinewell in creating schools-friendly software

Kinewell Energy offer a range of offshore wind farm design consultancy services. Utilising our cutting-edge tools, our highly skilled team can provide unique insights into all areas of offshore wind design including cable routing, offshore substation location, turbine location, export system configuration, protection philosophies, and innovative design strategies.

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