Company history

Nov 2015

Kinewell Energy is launched

We introduced our KLOC solution to the market optimising offshore wind inter-array cable layouts following two years of research and development.

Nov 2016

Highly Commended by the IET Innovation Awards

Our KLOC software was Highly Commended by the IET Innovation Awards in two categories; Power, and Model Based Engineering.

Mar 2017

First revenue

We delivered our first fee-earning project optimising the inter-array cable layout of a European offshore wind farm using our KLOC solution, resulting in repeat business from the client.

Jul 2018

Licensed KLOC solution released

Following client requests, we launched a licensable version of our KLOC software allowing clients to optimise their inter-array cable layouts in-house using our proprietary technology.

Apr 2021

Kinewell Energy selected by Equinor, EDP Renewables and ORE Catapult for a share of £1.7m

Kinewell Energy was one of five companies selected by offshore wind giants Equinor, EDF Renewables and the Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult (OREC) to be awarded a share of £1.7m through the TIGGOR programme. Our funded project saw us deliver a new-to-market game-changing technology related to offshore wind inter-array cable systems, substantially contributing towards the industry’s continuous cost reduction trajectory.
Read the full press release here.

Jun 2022

KLOC webapp launched

Cloud based platform launched featuring new KLOC web app user interface and laying the groundwork for commercialisation of new solutions. The web-app gave clients significant productivity gains, facilitating efficient teamwork, fast analysis of results and easy upskilling in KLOC software.

May 2023

Awarded Energy Innovation of the Year

Kinewell Energy was named Energy Innovation of the Year at the annual VentureFest North East conference in recognition of our disruptive technology for offshore wind cable layout design.

Jun 2023

KDOTS Launched

Taking to the Innovation Stage at Global Offshore Wind 2023 in London, Kinewell Energy officially launched its Kinewell Designing Offshore Transmission Systems (KDOTS) software solution to an audience comprising some of the biggest names in energy.

Read the full press release here.

Oct 2023

KWOTA Launched

Kinewell Energy officially launched its latest software solution at the Global Offshore Wind Summit in Fukuoka, Kinewell Wake Optimised Turbine Arrangement (KWOTA), to energy leaders from across the globe.

Read the full press release here.