Can you design the most economic cable layout for an offshore wind farm?

Support pledge for cable optimisation specialists Kinewell in creating schools-friendly software

Bring Maths To Life

Just like professional engineers, you’ll use the software to design efficient wind farm layouts. You’ll need to calculate the distances between turbines using the Pythagorean theorem, determining where to place cables by finding the shortest paths.

This hands-on experience takes a core element of the math curriculum, like geometry, and makes it tangible. You’ll get to:

– Apply the Pythagorean theorem to real-world scenarios

– Calculate cable lengths as the hypotenuse of triangles

– Determine project costs based on cable prices per meter

– Optimise your wind farm design for the lowest total cost

Instead of abstractly working through formulas, you become an engineer tackling an industrial problem. Teachers can spark competition by having a class leaderboard to see who designs the most cost-effective wind farm layout.

“Harnessing the power of clean energy is vital for our planet’s future. By giving students hands-on experience with renewable technologies like wind farms, we can inspire the next generation of engineers and scientists to innovate solutions that protect our environment and secure a sustainable energy outlook.”

Dr Andrew Jenkins, CEO & Founder, Kinewell Energy

About Kinewell

Kinewell Energy develops and commercialises innovative technologies that add significant scalable value and impact positively on social and environmental challenges.

With a mission to pave the way for a greener, more sustainable future we are passionate about nurturing the next generation of innovators in clean technology. Our education initiatives are driven by a passionate belief that engaging students today will inspire the engineers, scientists, and visionaries of tomorrow.

EduKLOC is based on KLOC (Kinewell Layout Optimisation of Cable). Which rapidly designs optimised inter-array cable layouts for offshore wind farms. 

Wind Farms Inter-Array Cable Optimization