Innovating for our future

We use AI and advanced mathematics to create software solutions that accelerate and reduce the cost of the transition to net-zero.

Our vision

Kinewell Energy develops and commercialises innovative technologies that add significant scalable value and impact positively on social and environmental challenges.

Climate change is the greatest social and environmental challenge the human race has ever faced. Regardless of the path to net-zero, we will need a substantial increase in renewable electrical generation to decarbonise the power grid, and support electrification of other sectors. Additionally, green hydrogen production will need to be significantly upscaled to meet net zero targets. That’s why all of our current solutions leverage AI and advanced mathematics to accelerate and reduce the cost of offshore wind.

There is a severe skills gap for delivering the net-zero transition at the pace required. We value collaboration over competition; spinning in and licensing others’ IP rather than recreating it, and opening up our technology for others to use, maximising its reach and impact. Our software tools deliver productivity gains through digitalisation and automation, allowing engineers to focus on the areas where critical human thought is needed most.

Our services

SaaS Licensing

Get in-house access to our unique solutions to add value to your business, project, or lease bid.

Reduce LCoE, boost productivity and reduce risk durng early project development.



We use our cutting-edge tools to provide unique insights into all areas of offshore wind design including cable routing, offshore substation location, turbine location, export system configuration, protection philosophies, and innovative design strategies.


Our highly skilled team have extensive knowledge of renewable energy infrastructure and engineering. This enables us to apply our unique algorithms to a broad range of optimisation problems. Get in touch to start systematically generating high quality solutions to your problem in a fraction of the time.

Our team

We are a team of specialists, engineers, and software developers with a successful history in building creative solutions to complex problems. We are united by our core values of honesty, integrity, trust, fairness and a pursuit of excellence. Read more about our CEO and Business Development Manager below.

Dr Andrew Jenkins

CEO and Founder

Dr Andrew Jenkins provides strategic leadership to Kinewell Energy, now recognised as Gamechangers by RenewableUK’s Global Offshore Wind Awards. He has over 14 years’ engineering experience working within the renewables sector and has over 12 years’ experience pioneering offshore wind inter-array cable layout artificial intelligence optimisation software. He is skilled in understanding complex value-chains and developing collaborative partnerships to deliver value to stakeholders.

Hamza Sajid

Business Development Manager

Hamza has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to delivering results and an ability to forge strong client relationships, which underscores his unique ability to bridge academic excellence with practical insights. With a stellar track record in stakeholder management and a robust background in offshore wind optimisation projects, he plays a pivotal role in advancing Kinewell Energy’s products and services.

Award-winning solutions

Our experience

We are a UK based worldwide business delivering offshore wind development optimisation through consultancy and software licensing services.

Our solutions are used worldwide by developers, installers, cable manufacturers, consultants, and academic institutions, with clients across the European, US, Japanese, South Korean, and Chinese offshore wind markets.







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