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Trusted by industry leaders

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Inter-array cable layout optimisation with support for both fixed bottom and floating offshore wind farms.

  • Minimise cable system CAPEX
  • Reduce electrical and unavailability losses
  • De-risk key decisions such as substation location


Offshore wind transmission system design with electrical and hydrogen export modelling capabilities.

  • Rapidly design feasible export systems
  • Framework for robustly handling uncertainty
  • Make risk-informed decisions


Wind turbine layout optimisation balancing wake losses against variations in CAPEX and OPEX.

  • Maximise energy yield by reducing wake losses
  • Reduce installation costs
  • De-risk key decisions such as turbine selection and overplanting

About Kinewell Energy

We are a UK-based worldwide company offering state of the art infrastructure optimisation solutions that support our global transition to a net-zero society.

What others say about us


This tool [KDOTS] represents a significant achievement to improve decision making for large scale wind energy integration. By combining advanced mathematical methods with engineering expertise, this project furthers our progress to a net zero future. It’s exhilarating to see years of interdisciplinary research being put into a commercial product.

Prof. Matthias Troffaes & Dr. Behzad Kazemtabrizi
Durham University

ORE Catapult’s commitment to innovation fosters success stories, bringing transformative technologies to market. Our collaboration with Kinewell has propelled ground breaking research, leading to a cutting edge product. It plays a crucial role in the design and optimisation of offshore wind farms, driving the global transition to a net zero future.

Paul McKeever
ORE Catapult

The work conducted by Kinewell Energy has evidenced the value that subsea junction boxes can deliver to floating wind farms under a range of innovative network configurations. The project team uncovered additional learning around floating wind design decisions, that we will take forward and deploy in our global floating offshore wind farm portfolio.

Arild Lange

The Kinewell team have developed a truly incredible capability for the offshore wind industry with the KLOC software solution through the TIGGOR programme.

Dr Graham M. Smith
ORE Catapult

Kinewell’s software will allow us to look at ways of optimising the layout of our inter array cables and Offshore Substation (OSPs) locations at an earlier stage of the design, giving us the opportunity to find potential cost savings in multiple areas of the project reducing our Levelized Cost of Electricity (LCOE).

Ross Cottam, SSE Renewables
SSE Renewables