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Dr Andrew Jenkins

CEO and Founder, MEng PhD MIET

Dr Andrew Jenkins is CEO and Founder of Kinewell Energy Ltd, providing strategic leadership to the start-up that was Highly Commended by the 2016 IET Innovation Awards for its KLOC software. He has over 10 years’ engineering experience working within the renewables sector and has over 8 years’ experience pioneering inter-array cable layout artificial intelligence optimisation algorithms culminating in KLOC that typically saves in the region of 20% of cable system CAPEX over the project life. To date, he has been involved in the optimisation of inter-array cable systems on projects cumulatively exceeding 13.1 GW.

Dr Andrew Jenkins graduated with a Masters of Engineering (New and Renewable Energy) with honours from Durham University, UK in 2010. He holds a PhD entitled “Energy Storage and Electric Vehicles as a means of Mitigating Uncertainty in Urban Microgrids” which he studied for at Newcastle University, UK, following three years working at the international advisory firm Mott MacDonald.

Dr Chris Mullen

Senior Engineer, BEng MRes PhD

Dr Chris Mullen has a broad range of engineering experience and has been involved in various aspects of energy research for 15 years, including modelling, data analysis, project management, report writing and programming.

In 2018, Dr Chris Mullen completed a PhD titled “Interactions between demand side response, demand recovery, peak pricing and electricity distribution network capacity margins”. The work covered commercial and technical aspects of Demand Side Response on distribution networks.

Dr Chris Mullen has previously worked at various organisations including Siemens Energy Management, The Sir Joseph Swan Centre for Energy Research, Newcastle University, the Shipbuilders and Shiprepairers Association and Tecnoveritas (Portugal). Dr Chris Mullen has been heavily involved in numerous large EU funded projects, conducting experimental research, analysing data and writing reports in collaboration with partners across Europe.

Steven Ziolkowski

Electrical Engineer, MEng

Steven Ziolkowski undertakes international consultancy work utilising the KLOC software for Kinewell Energy and has delivered 5.7 GW of offshore wind project consultancy across European, Japanese and US markets to date. He brings strong problem-solving and analytical skills to the Kinewell Energy team and is involved in delivery of KLOC product development. From his academic studies, he has experience in building models from first principles and developing optimisation solutions based on those models.

Steven Ziolkowski has a Masters in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Newcastle University where he gained industrial experience with Northern Powergrid and Siemens energy division.

Hamza Sajid

Hamza Sajid

Research and Development Engineer, BEng MSc AMIMechE

Hamza Sajid uses his specialist skills in optimization, mathematical modelling and data analysis to expand and progress Kinewell Energy’s products and services through research and development. He also has experience in delivering KLOC inter-array cable layout optimization projects, customer relations, and supports Kinewell Energy’s business development activities.

Hamza Sajid holds a Bachelors of Mechanical Engineering from Northumbria University, before graduating with distinction from the University of Leeds with a Masters of Advanced Mechanical Engineering. Through his academic studies, he has experience delivering a computational fluid dynamic (CFD) analysis of Wake Effects of Vertical Axis Wind Turbines in an Offshore setting.


Claire Hislop

Claire Hislop

Research and Development Engineer, BEng

Claire Hislop develops new advanced mathematical algorithms that further Kinewell Energy’s unique capabilities supporting the cost reduction of net-zero energy transition technologies. She also undertakes international KLOC inter-array cable layout optimization projects delivering substantial added value to Kinewell Energy’s clients.

Claire Hislop graduated from Newcastle University in 2021 with a Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering with Honours. During her academic studies, she gained experience working with optimization methods and computational modelling through work optimizing the 3D printed bone scaffolds for fracture healing.

Umar Shaban

Umar Shaban

Research and Development Engineer, BSc

Umar Shaban supports the development of graphical user interfaces for Kinewell Energy’s unique net-zero focused products and services. He is a talented computer scientist with experience across a variety of different programming languages including C++, Java, HTML, SQL, and PHP amongst others.

Umar Shaban graduated from Northumbria University with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. During his academic studies he developed a mobile app to obtain nutritional information of food produce from scanning product barcodes.

Paul Freeman

Executive Support, MSc

Paul Freeman’s role at Kinewell Energy is to support the rapidly growing business transition from start-up with informal business processes to scale-up with more professional and effective ways of working. Paul holds an MSc in Organisation Change and a Post Graduate Diploma in Knowledge Transfer, and has a broad range of experience spanning small business, public and voluntary sectors.

Prior to Kinewell Energy within the wind engineering sector, Paul delivered high quality training, and has been responsible for the internal quality assurance of development programmes for wind farm technicians at Maersk.

As a qualified teacher, Paul has worked in Higher Education as a lecturer at Newcastle University and was instrumental in the establishment of support for student and graduate entrepreneurs.


Dr Pádraig Lyons

Consultant, BE MEngSc CEng PhD MIET

In addition to his interests at Kinewell Energy, Dr Pádraig Lyons is Head of Group at the International Energy Research Centre in Cork, Ireland and is a guest researcher at Newcastle University. His interests include challenges and solutions for onshore and offshore electrical networks predicated by the anticipated growth in low and zero carbon technologies such as PV, wind generation, electric vehicles and heat pumps. Dr Pádraig Lyons has held a number of other roles in academia and industry. Previously, he was a Senior Specialist at ESB Networks whose responsibilities included development of strategy in electrification of heat and transport, microgeneration, innovation and power quality. He was a lecturer in power systems and smart grids at Newcastle University and led the engineering research in the UKs largest smart grid project thus far; the Customer Led Network Revolution (CLNR).

Dr Pádraig Lyons is a chartered engineer who has also worked as a primary design engineer for ESBI in Ireland, a senior consultant in power systems analysis for TNEI Services Ltd.

Dr Pádraig Lyons received his BE in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and MEngSc in Electrical Engineering from University College Cork, Cork, Ireland in 1999 and 2002 respectively. He received his PhD degree in 2010 from Durham University, UK.

Matthew King

Software engineer, BEng

Matthew King provides software engineering services to support the KLOC software developed at Kinewell Energy. He has a high aptitude for algorithms, data analysis, data visualisation and website development. Matthew has interests in probability models, optimisation and automation in the Renewable Energy and Financial sectors.

Matthew achieved a First-Class Honours from Newcastle University in Electrical and Electronic Engineering in 2019, where he completed his dissertation on data clustering algorithms for unsupervised machine learning, after which he was awarded the Institute of Engineering and Technology Prize.

John Green

Software Developer, MEng MSc AIPEM

John Green is a Mechanical Engineer by background, with experience of working on programming projects in a variety of languages. Past projects include bespoke standalone and network-connected software for organisations such as the London Underground (Tube Lines Limited) and St John Ambulance (North East).

John Green graduated with a Masters in Engineering (Mechanical Engineering) with honours from Durham University, UK in 2010. In 2015 he graduated with distinction from King’s College London with a Masters in Clinical Science (Clinical Engineering).

Alongside his work with Kinewell Energy, John is a HCPC-registered Clinical Scientist in North Wales.

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