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{We funded the Kinewell Energy team to deliver on an innovation project that will lead to a new-to-market solution. Seeing Kinewell Energy’s pioneering ideas develop and become reality was very rewarding, and the company professionally delivered the project on time and on budget. I have no doubt that the new solution will be a commercial success and add significant value to Kinewell Energy’s client base while supporting societal decarbonisation efforts.
North East Business and Innovation Centre
{A benchmarking case study to demonstrate the savings KLOC can deliver against the installed Gwynt- y-mor cable layout using publicly available data. The re- optimisation yielded savings of £2.2m. The total length of cable reduced by 1.7 km and the electrical losses reduced by 1.2 GWh per year.
Case study: Gwynt-y-mor, 576 MW
{KLOC was utilised to optimise the radial inter-array layout for the 680 MW wind farm consisting of up to 77 turbines. During the project KLOC evaluated in excess of 2.9 billion possible inter- array cable layouts.
Confidential client, confidential project, 680 MW
{Supporting the client in their tender for the project, KLOC was used to optimise the electrical connections for the 700 MW wind farm linking the 80 proposed turbines to the offshore substation. During the project KLOC evaluated in excess of 2.2 billion possible inter-array cable layouts.
Confidential client, Hollandse Kust Zuid I&II, 700 MW
{Inter-array cable system re-analysis for a major European developer to understand the savings achievable through innovative use of KLOC. The developer described the results as ‘relevant cost savings’. The study demonstrated that some flexibility in turbine layout, asset crossings, cable type selection, substation positioning, and export cable routing are key to achieving optimized CAPEX and added revenues through reduced transmission losses.
Confidential client, confidential MW