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Electric Vehicles

During 2020, Kinewell Energy was successful in securing an innovation funding grant from the Innovation Super Network (ISN) to explore how we could add value to the EV sector.

Further funding was secured to progress our ideas, working with software house partner Wubbleyou, through an InnovateUK funded Siemens project associated with the Modernising Energy Data Access (MEDA) intervention.

The UK Government’s ‘Road to Zero’ strategy has ambition to see at least half of new cars to be ultra-low emission by 2030, many of which will likely be plug-in-electric vehicles requiring charge points. A substantial increase in the number of charge points will be required, with £1.3bn of government funding set aside in the 10-point plan for a green industrial revolution to support the roll out, but where are the best locations to install these charge points?

Kinewell Energy, working in collaboration with partners, are developing a solution to optimise where to install future EV charge points through use of advanced mathematics and artificial intelligence. Those that could derive value from the software solution are likely to include:

  • Existing car parks operators (private, business parks, shopping centres, workplaces etc.)
  • Councils and town planners
  • Charge Point Operators (CPOs)
  • Distribution Network Operators (DNOs)
  • National infrastructure planners, such as roads and flood defences
  • Land valuers and agents

  • Kinewell Energy are keen to engage with relevant stakeholders, including:

    • Those that could derive value from the solution to further understand their needs
    • Those that have datasets that could be introduced into the system to drive further value
    • Those who feel they have something to add in the development of the solution
    • Those who are developing other complementary MEDApps for collaboration opportunities

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