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Dr Andrew Jenkins is Managing Director and founder of Kinewell Energy Ltd, providing strategic leadership to the start-up that was Highly Commended by the 2016 IET Innovation Awards for its KLOC software. He has over 10 years’ engineering experience working within the renewables sector and has over 7 years’ experience pioneering inter-array cable layout artificial intelligence optimisation algorithms culminating in KLOC that delivers offshore wind cost reductions up to £30m/GW. To date, he has been involved in the optimisation of inter-array cable systems on projects cumulatively exceeding 8.9 GW.
Dr Andrew Jenkins graduated with a Masters of Engineering (New and Renewable Energy) with honours from Durham University, UK in 2010. He holds a PhD entitled “Energy Storage and Electric Vehicles as a means of Mitigating Uncertainty in Urban Microgrids” which he studied for at Newcastle University, UK, following three years working at the international advisory firm Mott MacDonald.